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Sad News from the SCA. Could you help? Print E-mail

4th October 2018

Dear Parents,

As you may be aware the SCA has had a tumultuous few years with a few changes in leadership. No-one is at fault here. However, circumstances have conspired to mean that the SCA are again at a crossroads with no Chair in place.

The remaining officers - myself (Vice Chair), Janick Jenkins (Treasurer) and Andrea Bruin (Secretary) - have met to discuss the situation at some length and now propose the following course of action:

1. Investigate if there is anyone interested in taking on the role of Chair/Joint Chairs immediately - this would mean that the Christmas Fair would become the first item on their To Do list and they would then lead the SCA into the next calendar year. We are keen to avoid a long period of uncertainty so we are looking for someone able to step in within the next week or so to take this on and make a start on organising the Christmas Fair.

2. If there is no-one in a position to take on the role of Chair, then we propose that we effectively put the SCA into "sleep" mode. Panto tickets and Christmas cards would still go ahead but after that no further events/fundraising would take place for the rest of this academic year.

3. There are a number of constitutional issues to consider but, in brief, we would plan to retain the charity number and the bank account with sufficient funds ensuring the core infrastructure remains in place, allowing for the resurrection of the SCA in the future. We are currently investigating different options for the distribution of the current SCA funds (c.£20k), with the possibility of allowing a parent body vote on how those funds are spent but this is for further discussion with school should we get to that point.

4. There would be no specific plan/timeline around resurrecting the committee/events - that would be up to someone in the future at any point to drive this forward on their own timetable.

5. It is hoped that the second-hand uniform service could remain in operation with the funds raised possibly going to the termly charity - but, again, this is subject to agreement from a number of parties.

6. At this stage we are not scheduling another committee meeting until it becomes clear what the remit of the meeting will be - supporting and setting-up a new team or discussing and agreeing the issues around making the SCA dormant.

NB We are pretty clear that because of the nature of the committee and the events/fundraising it is necessary to have someone/two people actively taking on the Chair role. It is just not possible to run everything with different groups of people or a revolving rota of Chairs - to keep everything running smoothly it really does need a coherent and consistent approach in order to keep all the balls in the air.

If any parent(s) feels able to take on the role either on their own or as a duo, please drop me a line and I am more than happy to have a chat with you.

Thanks, as ever, for your support.

Galya Holden

Mum of Hesper, 5I

Vice Chair